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    JIMMJAYY wrote:

    While we're talking about marriage. What is the feelings of how the wife has become more dominante in the marriage. Is this the Christian way of marriage and has it added to the divorrate?

    IMO, marriages that are based on mutual trust and an equal partnership
    is works better than either dominating the other. Not sure the bible
    even says to dominate. It tends to separate the men's and women's role
    in marriage, but not to say that one dominates the other. The only
    place where it almost suggests dominate was where Paul stated women
    should be quiet in church, but I have been led to the conclusion that
    that was a situational/circumstantial commandment for a particular
    church who was having a problem with some women during the services. I
    could be wrong. But as Jesus said little about women and men's roles in marriage, I will take that to mean that that is for us to decide and not
    this works best in all cases.

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