• Re: Race and faith.

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    Anna Crowley wrote:

    I wonder about the same thing myself.... maybe they dont have a personal relationship with Jesus, maybe they just have religion?

    I doubt that this is the case. Many people were just raised in a time
    when it was general culture to dislike certain groups. My great aunt is
    one of those. As a child, visiting her often, I thought she was a
    wonderful christian, until I got to be a teen and heard her diatribes on blacks. It doesn't make one less of a christian to make mistakes or to
    sin, merely one in need of forgiving, and one in need of further work.

    William Thompson wrote:

    This an open invitation to anyone whom, can tell me how
    can it be possible to profess love for Christ while harboring feelings
    of racial hate? This is a personal topic for me
    as I was married and we never enjoyed a moment of piece from her family.
    I asked myself was it do to the fact that they were Lutherans. I say
    this keeping in mind that all Lutheran's are not of the same caliber,
    but how is it that they {and Mormons as well} gravitate toward racial separation. I have not seen a single couple of different cultural backgrounds in any of these congregations.

    To be honest, I belong to a Lutheran church, ELCA and I have found that
    ELCA is one of the most diverse group of christians that I have ever
    found. I have tried a number of churches before trying a Lutheran
    church. Maybe it was the generation of the people to which you refer and
    not the denomination or religion at all.

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