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    From DENISE LENORE@1:250/502 to ALL on Sunday, June 25, 2000 00:13:00
    The passage you mention about the one wife is spoken by St. Paul who first states it would be better for neither to marry, but if one burns, then it
    would be
    better to marry. He the admonishes Bishops of the church to have one wife.

    The picture of multiple wives in the OT indicate the primary problem men
    with multiple wives, they hate each other. The man is content, the wives
    are not. The husband can be vexed by this. Solomon had a thousand wives
    and at the end of it all he has to say is "An excellent wife, who can find".

    It is interesting that God in the Scripture doesn't seem to tell his opinion about marriages and wives, but the Bible certainly paints a picture of
    the dynamics between the two.

    For Adam knowing the command of the Lord, ate of the tree of the knowledge
    of good and evil upon the offering by Eve. Eve was not given the command.
    Eve was not there, Adam was. Adam surrendered his relationship to God
    over Eve. I think men still do. Few men actually follow after God. 80% of the church attendance is women.

    As for the modern cultural revolution that has thrust women into an
    role of trying to be the right wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, mother and still find some way of expressing the very nature God created in her to be
    has been an extremely tough road to walk down. Casualities lie all along
    the way.

    I personally respect the roles God gave to Man as head and Woman as
    an equal to share life with. I often find "Christian Men" really not acting like the Man I see Christ act like toward the Samarian woman, toward
    his mother, toward Mary Magdalene, toward Mary and Martha, toward
    his bride the church. There is a Scripture that states that Jesus
    his right that he had before the father, not making light of his authority
    and submitted himself to the Father. If a man would spend his time
    addressing that submission to the Father, he would discover a deeper
    respect and love for a fellow creature, his wife.

    But lest you forget, we still live in a world where amnio centesis is used
    to determine if the fetus is a girl and aborted in India. Wives of
    men are still considered chattel and able to be beaten, abused and murdered without conviction by the courts against the husband. In China the word
    for daughter is "little happiness", while the word for son is "big
    Many men still want a first born to be a son. In the middle east woman
    are denied rights and have their faces covered. In Africa there are
    tribes that practice castration of women so they will never experience pleasure. This is the background and atmosphere in which women
    afraid for their lives all their lives , live with. How we become fully articulate children of God, is truly a mystery and a mercy from Christ

    Darren Gould wrote in message <7il3b8$3o5$1@news.fdma.com>...
    Hello All,
    I was watching 60 minutes a few weeks ago and this man was on defending
    the fact that he had 4 different wives, all at the same time. He
    defended this as a biblically sound thing to do. At the time I was
    reading through Genesis and God didn't seem to have any problem with
    this as well as many other sexually immoral things.

    I don't agree with this man's philosophy by any stretch of the
    imagination but I was wondering where it is that the bible states that a
    man is to marry 1 woman? I know passages that say a man is to leave his >parents home and move into a home with his wife, but this isn't
    specifically saying anything against having more than 1 wife. If the
    bible doesn't state this directly then where does it indirectly come

    Just wonderin'

    In Him,

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