• For Sale Nel Tech Labs DVK-100 Digital Voice Keyer

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    Digital Voice Keyer /w Manual. Requires a 12 V wall supply or connect to
    any 12 VDC source.

    You will need to build a patch from your microphone to the DVK-100 and a
    patch to your radio from the DVK-100. This will require two 8 pin DIN
    plugs and the mating connectors to your radio and microphone. There is
    also a jack to build an external keyboard instead of using the buttons
    on the DVK-100. The manual manual gives wiring instructions for some
    radios including ICOM 730, 740, 720 751, 745, Kenwood 430, 930/40, 830,
    530, and Yaesu 980, FT One, 102, 77, 101ZD, 902DM. Others could probably
    use the block diagram to figure out connections for their radios.

    I used this with my TS-940 S and have the interfaces that I used with the Kenwood and my MC-60 microphone. I will include these if you want so this
    unit is plug and play for KENWOOD TS-940S and those radios wired alike. I
    will also include an MFJ monitor speaker, (even if you don't want the
    Kenwood setup).

    DVK-100 features 4 messages each, 1 - 16 second, 1 - 8 second, and
    2 - 4 second. You can record / check off air / and play on air. Also
    features an onboard processor, (non adjustable), monitor off / on, repeat
    play, and, (why I don't know), roger beep on / off.

    Note: If you use a microphone such as the MC-60 you need to put a battery
    in the microphone when connected to the DVK-100 or perform the internal modification to the DVK as specified in the manual I found it easier to
    put a battery in the microphone when I used it rather then modify the
    DVK. If you use a non amplified microphone the setup is straight through.

    Price $ 85.00 plus shipping or BO. Mail to my email address of

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