• SA Radio League News Bulletin for Sunday 15 July 2001

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    The Council of the SARL regrets to announce the passing on of two members:

    Bob Mayall, ZS5FZ, a long serving member of the SARL, passed away on the 24th of May 2001, after suffering a stroke on the 20th of May 2001, at the age of 78. OM Bob ran the æearly morning netÆ on 80 and 40 meteres for many years
    and was always a keen participant in the various SARL contests. We offer our condolences to his wife Caroline and sons Barry, Trevor, Jeff (ZR5GN) and
    their respective families, and many friends.

    Ken Paterson ZS6MX from Johannesburg on Friday 6 July 2001. We extend our condolences to his wife, family and friends.


    Here are the headlines of today's news:







    You are listening to ZS6SRL. The news follows in detail:


    Dr Paul Shuch, the Executive Director of the SETI League in the USA will be
    the special guest on the next SA Radio LeagueÆs Interactive Technical Net to explore how Radio Amateurs and Short- wave Listeners can take part in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The discussion will be on the air
    on Sunday 22 July 2001 at 20:00 CAT (18:00 UTC) on repeaters in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Highway area, Pietermaritzburg, Eshowe, Durban, the Eastern
    Cape, the Cape Town /Stellenbosch area and Bloemfontein. The talkshow will also be relayed by Sentech on 3215 kHz in the 90 metreband and interactively
    on 3718 kHz . Please note that the INTECNET will be one week earlier than originally planned.


    The Council of the SARL will be meeting next Saturday. On the agenda are several important issues. It is expected that details of the mentorship programme, and the programme of the Committee for the protection of Amateur Radio will be finalised. The Council will also discuss the Amateur Radio for Africa workshop to be held in conjunction with the ITU Telecom Africa 2001 in November this year and start the planning process for the IARU Region 1 Conference to be held in September 2002 in San Merino.

    During the morning tea break, SARL President, Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ, will present callsigns to the first 3 teachers who have participated in the ARISAS programme and passed the RAE last week.


    At a working group of the IARU HF Committee, held in Friedriechshaven at the end of June, a SARL proposal to amend the current footnote to the IARU HF Bandplan to allow SSB operation on 10 MHz on a 24 hour basis was rejected.
    The meeting was attended by 12 member societies, mainly from Europe.

    The SARL HF Manager will have to develop a lobby campaign to gain support for the SARL proposal when it is tabled at the IARU Region 1 Conference in 2002. This programme will have to include documentation on propagation conditions
    on 10MHz and expected band usage. Radio Amateurs can assist Dennis Green in his task by submitted details of their experiences on 10MHz. Email comments
    to zs4bs@netactive.co.za or by fax to 051 402 1764. Dennis can also be contacted on 082 770 9126.


    The SARL is awaiting input from Clubs on the proposal to hold a womanÆs day
    HF and linked VHF net. The objective of the initiative is to focus on woman
    in Amateur Radio as many, including the regulatory authorities, perceive Amateur Radio as a male dominated activity.

    The plan is to hold the net at 11:00 am on 9 August. Individual amateurs are also invited to make input. Please mail your comments to cpas@intekom.co.za
    or fax it to 012 991 5651 by Monday night 16 July. You may also record your ideas on 088 100 3400, normal Telkom rates apply.


    The July/August 2001 edition of Radio ZS is now available on the member
    section of the the SARL Web: www.sarl.org.za. This bumper edition has been posted in several sections to ease downloading. The files are in PDF format. There is also a link on the web for members who require the acrobat reader to read PDF files. Radio-ZS is at the printers. Hard copies will be mailed
    soon. If you don't have access to the SARL members only section of the web, join the SARL now. Get a form online or call Veronia Lewis on 011 675 2393 weekdays between 09:00 and 13:00.


    A mini-indaba will be held at the NARC on 28 July when all the activities of the SARL will be discussed. It is a golden opportunity for those who can attend to be informed and to take note of what the SARL are doing for all the amateurs in South Africa in promoting the hobby. Please come and participate in the discussions and make contributions as to how we can preserve and
    promote amateur radio for the future.

    The President of the SARL, Hans Potgietr, ZS6ALJ, will address the meeting
    and will interact with the attendees. The indaba starts at 9:00 and will end in time to visit the West Rand flea market. Do not miss this opportunity.


    Ean Retief, ZS1PR reports as follows:

    During the past week the Solar Flux rose excruciatingly slowly and it seems that it will be about 140 today. A side-effect of the fairly inactive Sun is that there were no major Flares for most of the week. The first outburst occurred on Thursday morning at 03:19 SAST and at this stage it does seem
    that most of the ejected material will miss the Earth. While many
    forecasters expect no effects from this outburst. Ean is of the opinion that we will experience an unsettled to active Geomagnetic field tomorrow. From Tuesday onwards the Geomagnetic Field should remain at quiet to unsettled levels for the rest of the week. It is not expected that the Solar Flux will rise to much above the 170 level for this month. Hopefully this peak will occur over next weekend. The 30 and 40 meter bands will give good
    propagation during the coming week and should be worth a visit or two. The
    15 metre band should become more lively and contacts to middle and Southern Europe between 18:00 and 19:00 SAST should be quite good.


    The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre (CTARC) will be holding it's AnnualGeneral Meeting on Monday 23rd July 2001 at 20h00 at the CTARC Clubhouse in Chess
    Road, Rondebosch. Morse Code Classes are held weekly by the CTARC on Tuesday evenings at 19h00 on the 145.700 mhz repeater on Constantiaberg. The classes are conducted by ZS1B, assisted on occasions by ZS1CS and ZS1RON. At present two way morse communication is being encouraged with students using homebrew audio oscillators in their shacks to modulate their FM transceivers. Classes for the Amateur Radio Operator's Examination are conducted twice a year by
    the CTARC, assisted by guest lecturers from the Boland Amateur Radio Klub. These courses have resulted in 100% pass rates for the last three years, for all W.Cape candidates who attended. The classes are held at 71 Signals Unit
    in Acacia Park, Goodwood on Tuesday evenings at 19h00. The next course commences on 14 August and prospective candidates should contact the course leader, Herman De Kock ZS1HZ at 021-592-3529. The course is open to anyone intending to write the October RAE, and is not limited to members of the
    CTARC or other local clubs.

    The West Rand Radio Club will have a boot sale on Saturday 28 July 2001 at
    the clubhouse in Kroton Ave, Weltevreden Park. Take note that the starting time will be 12 noon when the gates will open. The starting time 12 noon specifically targets those amateurs who normally works Saturday mornings.
    For enquiries phone Bill van Zyl at 011 726-6807

    The SARL News Service invites Clubs and individuals to contribute information regarding Amateur Radio to sarlnuus@mweb.co.za with a copy to gth@freemail.absa.co.za. It will be highly appreciated if it is done in Afrikaans as well as English and send it as early in the week as possible.

    Also join us in the following activities: The President's Net on Sundays
    12:00 on 7082 kHz. Amateur Radio Mirror International Sundays at 10:00 on
    9750 and 21560 kHz which are sponsored by Sentech, the common carrier for broadcasting signals in South Africa and Telkom who provides the transmission lines. This transmission is repeated Mondays at 20:00 on 3215 kHz. Several relays on 2 m and 70 cm also take place in your area.

    Correspondence for Amateur Radio Mirror International is via armi@intekom.co.za. Include your telephone number to allow the producers to call you for a possible interview.

    Send written reports to P O Box 90438 Garsfontein 0042 and include a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage so that you may receive a QSL card.

    We thank all contributors, individuals, clubs and other organisations to this bulletin and all stations who so reliably relay these bulletins. This
    bulletin was compiled by By Marten, ZS6ZY and read

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    This bulletin now ends and Sarlnews wishes you a pleasant week.

    Goodbye to all.

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