• HT and antenna

    From Jimmy Anderson@1:116/17 to All on Saturday, May 30, 2020 15:24:00

    Had a neighbor down the road give me a home made dual band
    antenna last year. Was going to hang it in the attic, but
    other things took my time and attention.

    Well, with COVID, I decided I had time to do something
    with it, so I ordered 50 feet of coax with the ends already
    on it. I put the antenna outside the bedroom window and
    ran the cable through to the HT I keep by the bed. Of course
    I got the wrong end on the antenna side. LOL

    So I ordered an adapter to make it work. It is on a short
    pole so I hammered it into the ground and...

    Silence... <sigh> Local repeaters were quiet for HOURS.
    Finally made a contact on the closest repeater and then
    started hearing one farther away. I can hear (and talk to)
    on that one from the mobile rig in the truck, but could never
    even hear it on the HT. I was hearing it PERFECTLY but they
    couldn't hear me when I would try to key it up.

    My mom has a television antenna on an old tower that she
    doesn't use anymore. She offered it to me if I want it,
    so I'm planning to get it and mount in on the end of the
    house by my bedroom, which is the OPPOSITE end from the
    power cables. I'm going to mount the antenna on the tower
    and see what I can do, and then later I might get a better
    antenna and I'll already have the tower.

    Then the next step would be to replace the HT with a
    'base unit' down the road, but doing it a little at a
    time as I have time, attention and a little bit of
    money at a time. :-)

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