• Good price for a radio/receiver?

    From Damon A. Getsman@1:282/1057 to All on Thursday, May 09, 2013 12:40:15
    I've been wanting to pick up some equipment for getting into HAM and various other radio freq. receiving and broadcasting for some time now. Admittedly I have not done all of my research yet, but I unexpectedly came across an advertisement for what appears to be an excellent condition Realistic DX-200 Receiver/Transmitter for $75 on a local classifieds site. I was wondering if anybody might have any input on whether or not this is a decent price and, if not, what sort of price I might want to attempt to talk the seller down to in negotiation if this is still somewhat decent equipment to use.

    http://www.radiopics.com/RS-Realistic/DX/DX-200.htm this is the model that I'm looking at right now

    Thanks for your time and assistance on this matter!

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