• FIDOnet Changes

    From Daryl Stout@1:3821/33 to All Users on Monday, August 28, 2000 14:02:00
    The Thunderbolt BBS, FIDOnet 1:3821/33, and GT Power 035/005, Little Rock, Arkansas...is in the process of CHANGING its FIDOnet connects and addresses...due to my local FIDOnet hub going offline on September 1st. I wish to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Steve Byers, for his support and assistance over the years...and wish him the best in future endeavors. My new FIDO connect
    will be Steve Quarella in Dallas, Texas.

    I will make my final connects with Steve Byers on Wednesday, August 30, 2000.
    Then, beginning Thursday, August 31, 2000...the NEW FIDOnet address for The Thunderbolt BBS will be 1:19/33.0 -- and it'll be effective in the FIDOnet nodelist at that time. I will then begin my new FIDO connects with Steve Quarella. At that time, the Little Rock area FIDOnet users and Sysops echoes, as well as the related Arkansas FIDOnet echoes that are currently on the BBS will be removed.

    There is NO CHANGE to the GT Power BBS Network Nodelist address; it remains as 035/005. The Thunderbolt BBS will become the ONLY FIDOnet and the ONLY GT Power BBS in Arkansas, effective August 31, 2000. I'll have 2 Netmail connects in Dallas (one for FIDOnet, and one for GT Power), plus connecting with the GT Power Eastern Mail Hub, in Frankfort, Kentucky. I plan to poll my new FIDOnet hub in Dallas several times a day...while the GT Power Netmail runs will be done once per day.

    Routed FIDOnet netmail and echomail to my system may be disrupted for a short
    time until the changeover is complete. I am in the process of reviewing and changing the routing of the FIDOnet Echomail areas, and will have these done as
    soon as possible.

    I'm currently moderator of 4 of the echoes on the FIDOnet backbone (LS_ARRL, INTBBS_WK, HAM_TECH, and FLYING)...and several echoes on the GT Power Echolist at this time. This message is being sent to these echoes. I'm also bridging some FIDOnet echoes into GT Power, and already have moderator permission to do so. The GT Power Netmail and Echomail will continue as normal.

    Your patience and understanding is appreciated during this changeover.

    Daryl Stout, Sysop, The Thunderbolt BBS, Little Rock, Arkansas FIDOnet 1:3821/33 (becoming 1:19/33 on August 31, 2000) GT Power 035/005 (GT Power Western Mail Hub)

    --- GTMail 1.26
    * Origin: The Thunderbolt BBS, Little Rock, Arkansas (1:3821/33.0)