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    From George Avera@1:393/3 to All on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 22:11:58

    Comments Due August 1 on ARRL Petition for Co-Primary at
    2300-2305 MHz

    NEWINGTON, CT, Jul 10, 2001--The FCC has put the ARRL's petition seeking a primary allocation at 2300 to 2305 MHz on public notice. It's been assigned a rulemaking number, RM-10165. Comments are due by August 1.

    The League's petition, filed in May, also requested that no commercial operations be introduced in the band. The Amateur Service now is secondary at 2300-2305 MHz. There is no primary occupant.

    Comments also are due August 1 on a petition from AeroAstro Inc--now
    designated RM-10166--that seeks a new Miscellaneous Wireless
    Communication Service (MWCS) on the band and co-primary status with the
    Amateur Service. AeroAstro has called on the FCC to grant its request "subject to technical rules calculated to minimize harmful interference between the two services and to protect NASA's Deep Space Network," which operates below
    2300 MHz.

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