• Macnet 2002 Ham Software List

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    Macnet 2002 Ham Software List

    compiled by John WD1V

    wd1v@amsat.org WD1V
    Table of Contents Last Updated 4/1/2002
    Antenna & Circuit Design
    BBS & FTP Sites for Radio
    CW, Morse Practice
    Call Book Data
    Ham Tests Preparation - Electronics Study
    Mac Programming & PC Emulation
    Packet & Other Digital Modes
    Radio Control
    Satellite Tracking
    Software Collections

    DISCLAIMER: The software listed is not endorsed by Apple
    Computer, Inc.(c) nor has it all been tested by the
    author/providers of this information.

    Thanks to Patty Winter N6BIS & Terry Stader KA8SCP
    for original list work.

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