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    Title: Corona Chicken
    Categories: Poultry, Beer, Herbs, Vegetables
    Yield: 3 servings

    2 lb Chicken thighs; skin-on
    12 oz Corona lager
    Big pinch (ea) black pepper,
    - adobo & garlic powder
    2 Yellow onions; sliced
    1 lg Bell pepper; cored, sliced
    4 tb (heaping) butter

    Rinse and pat dry your chicken thighs and place in a
    large baking pan.

    Pour your beer over all the chicken thighs, then
    sprinkle Black Pepper, Adobo, and garlic powder over all
    the thighs. Then place sliced onions and green bell
    pepper all around chicken thighs.

    Place your heaping butter all around chicken thighs.
    Instead of baking right away you can also cover it and
    refrigerate overnight and bake the next day.

    Bake, uncovered @ 400ºF/205ºC for 1 hour or until beer
    has reduced and chicken thighs are nice and golden.

    RECIPE FROM: https://cookpad.com

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