• The "X" League (resets soon)

    From rob mcgee@1:298/7 to All on Saturday, October 01, 2011 17:42:04
    All BRE and FE leagues will reset on October 15th. Now is a good time to join.

    The xxx
    xxx xxx
    xxx xxx
    xxx xxx
    xxx xxx
    xxx InterBBS League (777,701,610,444,13)

    * Barren Realms Elite (BRE)
    * Falcon's Eye (FE)
    * Colonies
    * Quest for Nora
    * More? :)

    * 777 is the original and flagship "x" league game. Wide open settings.
    * 701 is he second "x" league bre game with challanging settings.
    * 610 in memory of The Hard Drive Cafe BBS and league!
    * 444 in memory of Hellas BBS and league!
    * 013 special two players per BBS league.

    * Sysops! Every want to join an InterBBS league but didn't know how?
    access this page for help --> http://x-bit.org/irex/
    * Travel Times in the hours, no NO DATA from other teams.

    To Join:

    * Application: http://x-bit.org/xleague/x-league_app.zip
    * Main "X" League webpage: http://x-bit.org/xleague/
    * HOWTO join page: http://x-bit.org/irex/

    --- SBBSecho 2.12-Win32
    * Origin: Digital Distortion: digdist.bbsindex.com (1:298/7)