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    Hi Gert!

    On Tue, 21 Aug 2007 11:19:38 -0400, Gert Koefoed Andersen wrote, in

    What I like to know then is what I have to change in what file to it will compile for linux and make the binaries and config files.

    There are a couple of changes that appear to be neccessary to get it to compile without errors (Not, without warnings...). And the config file,
    you need to make one up from the examples... (I did have example configs
    & scripts for a Fidogate system online; have to see about getting
    something updated for that...)

    It is o a Linux Gentoo 64-bit system

    I now have a 64bit Debian v4.0 system to play with now: I did some
    test compiles, & after making changes to the config.make (I use INN, for instance) & the two changes to get rid of the compile errors, I was able
    to compile & install it with no other real errors. Haven't gone further
    than than, though, as I just started setting that system up (64 bit
    Debian v4 install, running under Linux VServer.) & so I don't know yet if
    it requires any other changes to run...

    So what have I to do in the fidogate 4.4.10 files to it will compile
    well and make the files it shal use and run by. All the change to do.

    1) Remove the line "extern int i_flag;" from the address.c section in src/include/prototypes.h (Line 53 in the file I have.)
    2) Comment out the 'externals used' section in src/toss/dbz.c (starts at
    line 302 in the file I have.)

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