• INN so fidogate

    From Gert Andersen@2:236/150.98 to All on Thursday, November 08, 2007 21:25:30

    Hello All.

    INN v.2.4.5 has a very smart doing for getting peers articles to local
    news groups.
    This is by using "ctlinnd newgroup alt.linux =fido.linux"
    This makes it so articles to alt.linux comes into both groups, and then
    have fidogate only to work with local newsgroups.

    so in fidogate area file have only to be:
    fido_linux fido.linux -z 2 -8

    and only the local news group will be visible for users and for them to
    put and get + write in.

    Gert Andersen

    --- FIDOGATE 4.4.10
    * Origin: FTN Gate on kofobbs.net (2:236/150.98)