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    From Gert Koefoed Andersen@2:230/150 to All on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 01:54:38
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    Hello All!

    I am came on thinking and in the though if it can let it do to run doorgames with doemu run for on 2 users ownership on linux pc.
    User1: Mbse = Door Games installed
    User2: Fido system = Ibbs use

    Or User1 Fido and Ibbs for league doing
    User2 Mbse sysop point system have the door games for bbs use installed.

    mbse user \dosemu\..\doors\lord101
    Fido user \dosemu\..\doors\IntrLrd10
    Fido user runs then as main system for daily maintain for fido system and send normal mail etc.

    THe though is then if it is possible to have the ibbs program to see and use the mbse users door games.

    It could perhaps be done with a ln -s command there then make the \doors\..\(ibbs) directory be same as user fido \doors\(ibbs) directory.
    This so the fido user dosemu ibbs thing that like users mbse \doors\game is on user fido dosemu \doors\games, can be like the same directory.

    Take care,

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