• Test version of Fidogate v4.4.11

    From Jame Clay@1:120/545.25 to All on Monday, May 02, 2011 16:19:26

    Fidogate v4.4.11 isn't anywhere near the point of being released, but
    there is a fairly stable version that I've been using (I've had it running
    at my 1:120/545 node since last year...<g>). I have both a source and a Debian archive available online for it, which is CVS Branch_4_4 of
    Fidogate v4.4.11, as of 04 June 2007:

    Source FREQ = FGTSTSRC, File name = FGTSTSRC.ZIP
    Debian FREQ = FGTSTDEB, File name = FGTSTDEB.ZIP

    file area 131, http://ftn.rocasa.us/files/ftn/apps/fidogate/


    --- MBSE BBS v0.92.0 (GNU/Linux-i386)
    * Origin: Rocasa FTN (1:120/545.25@fidonet)