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    Jame Clay wrote to Andrew Leary in IREX:,
    Andrew Leary to Jame Clay in IREX:,
    .... I have IREX installed but need to get
    it's configuration updated, determine what I'll use with it

    As long as it's using a 2.4 kernel, IREX should work on it.

    Do you recall if it _requires_ it? (If not; does anyone?) I ask because the the VM I created installed a v2.2 kernel by default. Several versions of the 2.4 kernel are available (....), though, so I could get that installed...

    I downloaded one of the v3.0r6 DVD ISOs[1] from a Debian archive site [2] and used that both for the installation and also left it available to the VM for apt-get to use.

    And I wonder if I should go ahead and do that. IRex is working better in
    the VM than it did in the LXC but there are still issues.

    Now that I have it availabe and working in the VM, it'll be a lot easier to do testing...<g>

    [1] debian-30r6-dvd-i386-binary-1.iso [2] http://cdimage.debian.org/mirror/cdimage/archive/3.0_r6/i386/iso-dvd/

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