• Got me! Ancient sysop asking noob questions

    From Andrew Alt@1:261/38 to All on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 14:55:44
    I'm forwarding this message, left on the Main Board of Prism BBS. Doesn't look like anyone's replied to this fellow yet...

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    Hi I ran the typical arc user-point-sysop back in the 80s-90s and had my BBS (mostly..) up and running 1992-1997, then moved house, lost a carton that included the BBS PC and most of my s/w and anyway things got way too hectic.

    I'm now a few years retired, have looked up my node on the fidonet.org nodehist robot, and am wondering what people are doing for "BBSoIP" type systems? I can (I guess) find mail s/w, and reconstruct the look of my old BBS using web resources, just wondering though if there've been any easy to figure out packages.

    I have an always-on PC at home and/or a hosted site that will let me run some low footprint s/w for mail etc.

    I know I backed up my ASCII BBS screens and some background music .MODs on the filebone, so I'm wondering if anyone has kept an archive of filebone files and lists anywhere. Also if there's any canonical list (or better yet, archive) of the BBS s/w that were popular in the 90s because I can't remember precisely what I used but it would just be nice to include in the History section of the revived BBS.

    Any help by reply here or teddlesruss@protonmail.com is appreciated.

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