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    Doesn't everyone want to make money? This is a paypal money making pyramid scheme. I'm not going to provide you with any outlandish claims of people receiving $X amount of money in Y days. Have faith and this will work. All you
    have to lose is $7.50 and a bit of your time.

    This pyramid scheme works by paying $1.50 to 5 people on an e-mail list, then redistributing this letter with your e-mail address on the list. You may have seen a similar letter where people pay $1 to 5 people on a list. There is a perfectly good reason for this scheme to have payments of $1.50. For every transaction, paypal takes a fee of 2.9% (3.9% if you live outside of the USA) and an additional 30 cents, so your $1 is reduced to $0.67 and paypal is probably the real winner.

    There are 5 simple steps between you and your opportunity to make a bunch of money:

    Step 1:
    Set up a new e-mail address (any e-mail address will do) or use an existing one
    that you have where you don't mind receiving spam.

    Step 2:
    Use your email address to sign up for a paypal account and activate your account
    (https://www.paypal.com note the 's' in https is for secure). For account type,
    select Business (so you can receive credit card payments from people).

    Step 3:
    Send $1.50 via paypal to each of the five e-mail addresses on this list:

    1. lpachlols@yahoo.com
    2. anunya_buizness5@hotmail.com
    3. i.spamster@gmail.com
    4. millionaireMonk@shaw.ca
    5. infantfinite@hotmail.com

    For category of purchase select "SERVICE" and for email subject use "add me to your mailing list". This helps the whole thing be legal in compliance with Title 18 Sections 1302 & 1241 of the United States Postal laws.

    Step 4:
    Its now time to redistribute this letter, so you can get paid. Copy this letter, take e-mail address from position 1 off the e-mail list in step #3, move everyone up and insert your own e-mail address at position 5 (the e-mail address that you have registered with your paypal account). I use a program called PostXpert (www.postxpert.com) to post messages to newsgroups. Use your own creativity to come up with a message subject that will entice people to read
    it, and then post your letter to as many newsgroups as you feel like.

    Please note that you may receive a lot of spam at your e-mail address, since its
    available to anyone that reads the letter. Also you may receive fake emails from paypal that require for your immediate log in (with log in link provided in
    the e-mail). These e-mails are bogus and only designed to steal your password.
    If you ever receive any e-mails about logging into paypal and are in doubt, visit https://www.paypal.com and log in from there.

    Now sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

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