• Opton File Crypter. To keep your private files private

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    I would like to offer you the chance of owning a very powerful product of ours.
    Opton FileCrypt is designed to keep your private files private. These can be personal files where you store your important passwords, credit card or banking
    details. It can also be used to protect legal documents, private databases, images and music files. In fact, it will lock and protect any filetype available on a PC

    If you have anything at all you would like to keep away from prying eyes then this tool will lock & encrypt the files at a click of a button using MD5 encryption technology.

    If you are at all worried about your personal information getting into the wrong hands, having your private images and files being looked at by your children or by anyone with out authorised access or being the victim of Identity Theft then I recommend this application highly. Its simplicity of use
    makes it reachable to all PC owners as no advanced skill are needed to operate the software.

    To read more and possibly make a purchase please visit us at www.opton-security.com

    Kind regards

    John Anderson

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