• Factory pressed dvd movies, ps2, psp & xbox backups for sale !!!

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    From: "Movie World" <alvin_oh@time.net.my>

    We're offering all the latest factory pressed high quality dvd movies, ps2, psp
    and xbox silvers with factory printed colour inserts at fantastic prices, whether for personal use or reselling. We're shipping worldwide with various shipping methods. For resellers, please contact us for bulk discounts.

    For a complete list and prices, please email us at movieworld@time.net.my

    (Please state the type of list that you want and tell us your location as the prices varies for different locations. If you're reseller, please state the quantity you wish to order per shipment and we'll quote you a wholesale price depending on the quantity ordered.)

    * If you need references, we can provide them to you.

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