• Python <-> ISIRTA, The Goodies, and At Last the 1948 Show, etc?

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    From: Mark Aitchison <MarkA@protov.plain.co.nz>

    Does anybody have a list of connections between Monty Python gags and other comedy shows? A partial list from my poor memory...

    1. Silly Walks and "Bouncing Party" (from a song in I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, and in The Goodies) were together in an election (where? I think The Goodies).

    2. Slotermeyer and some other pseudo-German from MP were (I think) first said in I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (but I'm not 100% sure).

    3. Sketch about youth of today not having it as bad as our day (4 Yorkshire Men)... was it originally in "At Last the 1948 Show" or maybe ISIRTA?

    I'm not sure what originally came from Cambridge days and popped up elsewhere.

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