• Eric Idle gives away free stuff Online!

    From daz@1:379/45 to All on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 07:48:02
    From: "daz" <pantogoose@hotmail.com>

    Hi all,

    Haven't been here for ages. Almost forgotten what the place looks like. I think
    Analda needs to get the cleaners in...

    Anyway, Eric Idle has sent a little tidbit my way with strict instructions to pass on the following -

    "Thought I'd ask you to send this info around the web sites: Fuck Christmas and
    Fuck the FCC are now available as downloads on I-Tunes and other sites."

    There. Wasn't that worth the wait?

    Well? What are you still doing here? Bugger off and start downloading.


    aka ex-PythOnline thingie.

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