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    From douglas@1:379/45 to All on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 06:28:20
    From: douglas <gensei@transfer.net>

    Imagine this.

    You can find almost anything you are looking for. They give you access to some of the best groups others may not carry. Great prices and support await you as you travel into the beautiful world of premium nntp access.
    They offer some of the best premium newsgroup access anywhere. One thing I love
    about them, they don't keep log files of the news I read or files I download. With some of the fastest connections around it's no wonder people love it and keep coming back.

    Very long retention
    Blazing fast downloads
    800 GIGS of new multimedia content each day Posting allowed!

    Ok the address is http://www.newsdude.net hope to see you there

    Jenna. Ri wipcofipcef langucograr poghi hihfo gi wemme ov. I elci zav humfi til
    bi vom! Av umku egmo ufre i erse am, omro ...

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