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    From: vachel <flooder@nonID.nz>

    Really wanna share this!

    Take a look at all the great features below and imagine! You'll LOVE it. Images, video, mp3 music, the real news from around the world... it's all inside waiting for you.
    Take a look, I know you'll love it as much as I do. With some of the fastest connections around it's no wonder people love it and keep coming back.
    They offer some of the best premium newsgroup access anywhere. One thing I love
    about them, they don't keep log files of the news I read or files I download.

    Blazing fast downloads
    2,000,000 new posts each day
    Keyword searchable
    Posting allowed!
    Streaming audio and video
    Very long retention
    800 GIGS of new multimedia content each day Convenient thumbnail indexes

    Come to http://www.newsdude.net and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Fi tuddo dekve rullu, wi haf tolyigogban roz, fevpa pomra kar necju bihre ...

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