• MI5 Persecution: Troubling Censorship Issues 20/8/95 (2742)

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    From: MI5Victim@mi5.gov.uk

    Fred Read (postmaster@foxhouse.demon.co.uk) wrote:

    : He posts this drivel every week or so to a number of groups that
    : I subscribe to and nothing seems to stop him. *ALL* of his posts
    : are off topic and unwelcome to the groups he posts to.

    : We have complained about him to his postmaster on at least four
    : previous occasions and he still posts the same crap. As his SP
    : seem unwilling, or unable, to do anything about him, we were
    : windering if there was anything you could do?

    If he is not actively using tactics to avoid or sabotage killfiles (posting from various systems, forging, massive crossposting to create cross-newsgroup flame wars) then it should be quite easy to killfile him.

    It does seem that the frequency and the size of his posts are approaching net abuse. However, IMHO, they aren't quite there yet. If his postmaster were to act in this instance, it would raise troubling censorship issues.

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