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    From Captain Ozone@1:379/45 to All on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 17:35:00
    From: "Captain Ozone" <CaptainOzone.1@netzero.diespammerdie.com>

    In case one hasn't already seen/heard about this, here's the link to a silly site for Spamalot fans:


    where one may read about the creators (read: ripper-offers), the characters (and
    the actors who play them), see video clips, buy stuff (including ringtones, shirts, buttons, killer rabbit slippers and tix), and all that sort of "entirely
    useless crap"....

    P.S. Anyone else seen the show (me: Chicago, second cast, looooved it!) and wouldn't you be curious to see John O'Hurley as King Arthur in Las Vegas?

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