• Home Typist / Data Entry Specialist 60-80 Per Hour Anywhere

    From Andrew Days@1:379/45 to All on Friday, May 11, 2007 19:00:54
    From: Andrew Days<Simplyelegance1@yahoo.com>

    Home Typist / Data Entry Specialist 60-80 Per Hour (Anywhere)

    Complete success is within your reach!

    This is a legitimate work at home opportunity. Earn $800 - $3000 per week or more!!! from home typing and doing data entry. Complete Training, easy to start!

    The amount of money that you earn is entirely up to you, it depends on the amount of time and effort you choose to put forth. The average person makes $800.00-$1200.00 per week. You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for your taxes, as we do NOT take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form. This is entirely your responsibility.

    Please in your E Mail to us let us know where you saw our ad.

    Please email simplyelegance1@yahoo.com for more information.

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