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    One thing that really pisses me off is bad translations of different kind. It can be made out of ignorance or greed.

    For instance, an example of greed, in sweden both ripping yarns and "privates on parade" were called something with "python" in their swedish titles.

    Ripping yarns was called "pythons prilliga parodier" ( pythons wacky parodies) and privates on parade became "fronten e pyton" ( the front sucks !) The last one was probably because the film " and now for something..." was called " livet e pyton" ( life sucks) in swedish !!! Awful !!!

    And now examples of ignorance: i have bought complete season 1-2 on dvd and very often the translation is very bad. Funny though when they have sketches where they talk fast and complicated stuff about politics, economy, philosophy etc it is correct translated, but much of the simpler stuff, common expressions, every day small talk is very badly translated. often they translate expressions litterally instead of using the swedish equivalente.

    For an example: in visitors sketch ( where graham c and carol c are about to have an romantic evening, but it is ruined as many horrible people drop in to their appartement ( mr equatol, etc)

    When michael palin enters with the goat he says" he's not well. I only hope he
    don't go on the carpet" this of course means that he's afraid the goat is gonna
    shit on the carpet. But the swedish translator has taken the word "go" literally and translated it " i hope the goat wont walk on the carpet" !!!!' And later the goat actually doers shit and Mp says " The goat's just done a bundle" and of course they translate this with " the goat has delivered a package" !!!

    enough for now, over and out.

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