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    Now Available on iTunes
    The Classic Precursors to Monty Python Go Digital

    Tango Entertainment today announced that two brilliant examples of
    British comedy written and performed by the future collaborators of
    Monty Python will be available for purchase and download on the
    iTunes(R) Store (www.itunes.com) beginning March 12, 2008. AT LAST THE
    1948 SHOW and DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET are two historic, wildly silly
    series that triggered a revolution - changing the face of TV comedy
    forever. AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW came first and was a breakout success
    for the then unknown Marty Feldman (The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine
    and Young Frankenstein) and was John Cleese's (The Frost Report and
    Monty Python's Flying Circus) first real original TV creation as a writer/performer. Monty Python fans now have a chance to see the
    nascent work of these same writers that went on to pen some of the
    most hilarious and genre defining British comedy ever written.

    Tango Entertainment has partnered with New Video, a leading digital
    aggregator of independent video content, to bring these highly sought
    after series to the iTunes Store, the world's most popular online
    music, TV and movie store. All nine episodes of DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET
    are available for $12.99; all five episodes of AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW
    are available for $9.95. The shows are $1.99 per episode (US) if
    bought separately. New Video and Tango Entertainment look forward to
    expanding their partnership to make more quality content available on

    "We are tremendously excited and enthused to be partnering with New
    Video on the debut of this digital launch and look forward to
    exponentially growing our business with this dynamic partnership",
    said Evan Fisher, V.P. Sales for Tango.

    Bursting onto the Britain's small screens in an explosion of
    outrageous and often surreal sketches, AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW featured
    John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor.
    Produced in 1967, this collection launched the Monty Python Phenomenon
    and much like the affect of the Beatles on music, the world of comedy
    has never been the same.

    Teatime.1968. In millions of homes in Great Britain something strange
    was happening. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET hit audiences like a wet fish in
    the face. It was weird, wonderful and above all hilarious. The series
    combined the writing and performing skills of Eric Idle, Terry Jones
    and Michael Palin, added a dash of David Jason, a dollop of the
    legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and a hint of Terry Gilliam. Feast
    your eyes on the madness and discover how something completely
    different began.

    About Tango Entertainment

    Tango Entertainment has developed as a premiere player in the world of
    DVD distribution. Our diverse collection of titles allows us to reach
    all genres of the home entertainment market including Family, Action,
    Drama, Comedy, Children, and Specialty programming. Tango is on the
    cutting edge of distribution in choosing high end TV product and
    quality first time programming. In addition to rare unreleased
    television gems, such as the pre-Monty Python series, "Do Not Adjust
    Your Set" and "At Last the 1948 Show," Tango brings to DVD Robert
    Altman's critically acclaimed series "Gun," starring Kirsten Dunst,
    James Gandolfini, Martin Sheen, and Daryl Hannah, and the high powered
    TV drama "Cracker," starring Robert Pastorelli, Mariska Hargitay (Law
    & Order, SVU) and Robert Wisdom of (Prison Break). www.tango-entertainmnet.com

    About New Video
    New Video is a leading entertainment marketing, sales, and
    distribution company specializing in bringing quality television
    series, cutting edge documentaries, independent films, professional
    sports, and top-quality children's programming to the DVD and digital marketplace. Home to some of the most prestigious names in
    entertainment, including A&E, HISTORY Major League Baseball(R), and
    Scholastic Storybook Treasures(tm), as well as its proprietary brand
    Docurama Films, New Video showcases over 5,000 titles in its catalog. www.newvideo.com

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