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    I often wonder how many of these things are scripted on these shows >>>>>> mind.
    Tennant`s comeback didn`t get such a good laugh and he did comment >>>>>> that
    Cribbens had got the better lines.

    The way I believe these things usually work is that the presenter is >>>>>mostly scripted, and everyone knows what's going to be coming up on the >>>>>show, so they can prepare material, discussions and one-liners ahead of >>>>>time. There's still a fair bit of ad-libbing, though, and they record a >>>>>couple of hours of stuff and cut it down.

    I downloaded and watched this show. Being Canadian and all, I'd never >>>> seen "Buzzcocks" before. I have to say that anyone who says that
    British television is far more sophisticated than US television has
    never seen this show. I don't think I've seen much worse than
    this.... IMHO, of course.

    Popular British television hasn`t been very sophisticated in my lifetime. >>>Especially nowadays, most of the best watched stuff is absolute tosh. >>>Although in fairness a good deal of it is re-workings of crappy American >>>shows.

    Buzzcocks possibly doesn`t translate well overseas, it`s fairly typical >>>British humour and a reasonably popular show. Likewise I find the vast >>>bulk
    of American comedy to be ####...God knows what you`d make of The Mighty >>>Boosh...the comedy series that lead captain Noel Fielding writes and stars >>>in.

    I understand British comedy quite well (and really like "The Mighty
    Boosh"), however IMO my dislike of this Buzzcocks show isn't because
    of the comedy not translating, rather that there wasn't any real
    comedy, just "celebrities" mugging and telling lame jokes (and
    thinking they're funny) -- are you sure this is typical British
    humour? I hope not.

    Is there even such a thing as "typical British humour"?


    I dunno.

    Maybe humour's more regional?

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