• How to debug pyd File in Visual Studio???

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    From: Junze Liu <liujz39@gmail.com>

    Recently, I build a hybrid system with C++ and python.
    First,I encapsulate a class(I can't guarantee the robustness of this cl= ass ) with boost.python which can implement some functions that can not be = implemented by C++, I get a .pyd File in result.
    Second,I embed a python interpreter in c++.
    Third, use the embed interpreter to execute a .py File.The .py File inc= lude the module that in .pyd File I created.
    Here, the problem comes out! When I start my main project. I can only d= ebug the problems in my main project, when my main project use the python i= nterpreter to execute the python interpreter, I can't see what happened in =
    my pyd File, the whole project collapsed.I know the error is in the pyd Fil=
    e, and if I set a break point in my resource files of pyd File, either the = project will go to the break point.
    Is there any methods to debug the resource file in this condition!

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