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    Hello MP fans, it has been a very long time (some 10+ years) since I've sai=
    d hello to you.... Many of you were just stains on daddy's briefs then... S= ome of of you oldies know me... Anyway, I am the infamous Jim Yoakum, ex-wr= iting partners with Graham Chapman, co-producer of the aborted Bonzo tribut=
    e CD, here to tell you that if you want to read a never before vomited upon=
    background history of how the MP boys created the MPFC series, and how it = (almost) didn't wing its way to America (thanks Owen Wilson's dad, among ot= hers)then don't buy MONTY PYTHON VS THE WORLD, available at Amazon or kindl=
    e or Nook etc. Be the last to know.
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