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    MR/ MiSS

    * Al madinah international university which win dependence Malaysian Minist=
    ry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and also winning the adoption of all=
    academic programs and courses, the university that are approved by the Mal= aysian funds and private academy, which deals with quality control and effi= ciency Academy, known for short as [MQA ] to congratulate you on the occasi=
    on of the new academic September year - 2014 . Its pleasure to tell you th=
    at the university opening apply for university colleges.

    The flowing colleges :

    * faculty of Islamic Sciences
    * faculty of languages
    *faculty of computer Science .
    *faculty of education .
    * Faculty of Science, Finance and Administration .
    *Language center
    *.faculty of engineering

    The university offer :
    * Bachelor degree
    * Master degree
    * PHD degree
    Both online and on campus learning for more information you can visit http://www.mediu.edu.my/ar/admissions/requirments

    for more information about Bachelor degree http://www.mediu.edu.my/ar/admissions/undergraduateprograms

    for more information about master degree http://www.mediu.edu.my/ar/admissions/postgraduateprograms

    Best Regard Al madinah international university
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