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    On Tuesday, December 14, 1993 at 5:57:19 PM UTC-5, Jennifer Merritt wrote:
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    See if you can solve this dispute. On Life of Brian, Biggus Dickuss has a wife("He has a wife, you know. Know what she's called? Incontinentia. Incontinentia Buttocks!").
    I have always thought her name was "Incontinentia Buttocks," but
    a friend of mine said that her name was "Incontinentia Buckets," not "buttocks."

    I say "buttocks." He says "buckets." Anyone out there know which one
    us is right? Your comments are appreciated. -JB.

    Definitely buttocks.
    (Oh dear, that sounded much too enthusiastic... I'm not a wench really I'm not... I'm not a witch either... you see this isn't my nose it's a false

    Then again, I've never read the script. But "Incontinentia Buckets" is much
    funny, and entirely not in keeping with "Biggus Dickus"... know what I mean, nudge nudge?

    Jen aka this is my third post & I haven't been targeted yet, although I
    suppose I
    _am_ asking for it by pointing it out, I think I'll go hide now.

    It's Buttocks.
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