• Being There (1979)

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    Rewatching Being There (1979)

    Based on the book, Being There by Jerzy Kosinski

    "satire with timeless insight on media and celebrity"

    "funny and absurd as its main character quickly and
    unbelievably rises from obscurity to nationwide fame."

    "the movie makes a humorous nod to "2001: A Space Odyssey"
    (1968) through the pop version of Richard Strauss' "Also sprach
    Zarathustra," "

    "a classic case of mistaken identity"

    "[the main character] is even considered as a strong candidate
    for the upcoming US Presidential election later in the story"

    I love the following quote wrt to the above statement:

    "This might look silly in the 1970s, but it does not look that
    outrageous these days considering the absurd superficiality of
    George W. Bush, and the horrifying rise of Donald Trump, who,
    as many people pointed out, frequently talks like an evil twin
    of Chance, nurtured by hateful right-wing media companies."

    "Its thought-provoking finale will linger on you for a long

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