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    Some key takeaways:

    * The Rings of Power, set within Tolkien's Second Age, will
    juggle 22 stars and multiple storylines, from deep within
    the dwarf mines to the elven kingdom of Lindon. Here, the
    adventures of the fellowship are still some 2,000 years in
    the future.

    * Patrick McKay and JD Payne are first-time showrunners and
    their series -based not on a novel but the Middle-earth
    prehistory attached to the end of The Lord of the Rings -
    will be the costliest TV show ever.

    * Despite being set thousands of years before the stories
    we know, familiar immortals do turn up as their younger
    selves: Morfydd Clarke as the elven queen Galadriel, now a
    hardscrabble warrior leading the Northern Armies.

    * Robert Aramayo plays Elrond, the elven statesman who is
    just beginning to build his reputation - starting with
    mending the relationship between his people and the dwarves
    of Khazad-dûm.

    * In a bold move, The Rings of Power condenses Tolkien's
    Middle-earth timeline and adds entirely new characters.
    Sophia Nomvete's dwarven princess, Disa, and Ismael Cruz
    Córdova's Silvan elf, Arondir, broaden the notion of who
    lives in Middle-earth.

    * What of Sauron? Or Isildur, the warrior who cuts the One
    Ring off the villain's hand? "The speculation is welcome,"
    says Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios. But the
    secrecy that has blanketed this series is finally lifting.

    * At its core, The Rings of Power takes its biggest cue
    from the heart of Tolkien's books. "It's about friendship,"
    says McKay. "It's about brotherhood and underdogs
    overcoming great darkness."

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