• New hatches in CH-WARE

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Monday, September 03, 2007 21:21:50
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    Hello, All.

    I have hatched out a BBS door and a BBS utility for my friend and fellow door author, Shawn Highfield.

    The first hatch is THANG22A.ZIP. This is Tiny's Hangman for Win32, OS/2 and DOS. (I personally recommend this door-it's really fun and well-written).

    The second is TMAXREP3.ZIP. This is for Maximus/2 sysops and overcomes a bug in mTel and its ZModem handling with Max/2.

    Both are freeware and are available via:

    Filebone: If you carry my CH-WARE filebone in Fidonet or the MIN_MISC filebone in Micronet, you'll get these automatically.

    Email FREQ: Send an email to bbs@outpostbbs.net with the subject of FREQ and the message body of FREQ <filename>. You may do multiple FREQs as long as each
    FREQ request is on its own line.

    Dialup FREQ: Crash 1:18/200@Fidonet or 618:618/1@Micronet with the filenames as
    the magic names.

    WWW: Visit my Cheepware site at http://outpostbbs.net/cheepware.html.

    I no longer offer FTP due to idiots abusing my FTP server.

    If you have any problems, please let me know via netmail (preferred) or email (address in my sig).


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