• qwk sticky tag

    From Richard Webb@1:116/901 to all on Saturday, November 07, 2009 04:12:57
    Hello all!

    Using the maximus built-in offline reader support. Brings
    up a question.

    Any way a qwk user can be forced to carry a certain area?
    Even if they don't opt to tag it in other words. Can do
    this easily enough with downlinks, but haven't found a way
    to force an area to be tagged even if the user doesn't.

    Example; USer doesn't tag area 1, default comments to the
    sysop, but you want to be able to post something for all
    users to see there, or to a user that otherwise won't check
    mail, but hasn't tagged it.

    NOt that I've seen this happen yet, just wondering if
    there's a way to do it. Docs haven't given me a clue on
    this one.

    --- timEd 1.10.y2k+
    * Origin: Radio REscue net operations BBS (1:116/901)