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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Les Wade on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 15:20:00
    Hi Les,

    There are two other versions of Info-Zip/Unzip you can try.


    Info-Zip UNZIP 5 for OS/2

    These are my own builds of Info-Zip's UNZIP utility (version 5.x) for extracting ZIP archives. I originally started doing these builds after Info-Zip stopped supporting LZW compression (which is required by quite a
    lot of existing OS/2 software) in its official builds.

    Starting with UNZIP 5.52, Info-Zip has reenabled this support in their own official builds. I have provided my own build of version 5.52 here
    (originally because Info-Zip's own official release was delayed somewhat), although there should be no longer be any functional difference with the Info-Zip release. However, I have no plans to release my own builds of
    future versions.

    Paul Smedley has an experimental build of version 6 (along with version 3 of ZIP) on his OS/2 ports site.

    You can give both of these versions a try to see they will help. Links are
    on the above website.

    Hope this helps!

    -- Sean

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