• New hardware

    From Digital Man to All on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 17:05:55
    I've been running the BBS on a Pentium-MMX/200 for the past year (almost) and everything has been okay until the past few weeks. The system would run fine for a few hours and then start acting _really_ strange; mainly running extra, extra slow. When I would hard-reset after this behavior, I would get a memory test failure. So I wasn't sure if it was a software or a hardware problem (although I suspected the hardware).

    I had a Pentium II/450 here that I haven't been using (much) and moved my hard disk (with the BBS and everything) onto it and everything seems to be running fine (and much faster). So I think one of the RAM sticks is bad in the MMX machine, which will become my Linux box when I get the RAM fixed.

    Anyway, doors and such should run much faster now. :-)

    Thanks for your patience with the things have been running the past few weeks,