• Vertrauen server host names

    From Digital Man to All on Monday, June 30, 2003 23:18:06
    If you haven't yet noticed, the hostname vert.synchro.net now rotates between the following servers:

    bbs.synchro.net (Win2K, previously known as vert.synchro.net)
    rob.synchro.net (Win98, best for DOS door games like BRE, GW, LORD, etc) cvs.synchro.net (Linux, no DOS doors or editors supported)

    So if you want to use a DOS external editor or play a DOS door game on a regular basis, you'll want to use rob.synchro.net as you're preferred host name and bbs.synchro.net as a backup.

    If you doing FTP transfers, NNTP, or any other TCP/IP connections, just continue to use vert.synchro.net which provides some simple load-balancing and fault-tolerence.


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