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    From Digital Man to All on Tuesday, December 02, 2003 16:36:01
    My wife and I have purchased a bigger, newer house in Anaheim, California
    (not too far from where we live now) and expect escrow to close and to be moving in around December 19th.

    There will likely be at least a few days of down time for Vertrauen (and DOVE-Net) as the new DSL service will be activated sometime between December 18th and 23rd, I'll be getting new static IP addresses and of course, I have
    to get all my servers up and running at the new house while handling all the other chores of moving and preparing for the holidays. :-)

    Unfortunately, the new house is too far from the phone co's central office to get the higher bandwidth that we've become accustom to. My upstream channel (your downstream channel when connecting to Vertrauen) is currently 256Kbps, but will return to the old familiar 128Kbps after the move. :-(

    If and when SBC adds a "remote terminal" in my area, I will again, immediately upgrade to the higher bandwidth service, but I've been given no assurances
    that will happen any time soon. I'll continue to investigate other broadband options (e.g. cable modem), but DSL is the only service (that I've found)
    that offers multiple static IP addresses and allows running TCP/IP servers while being priced reasonably.

    So to summarize, if/when you can't connect to Vertrauen at some point later this month - DON'T PANIC, we'll be back online soon. :-)

    digital man

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