• Vertrauen

    From Digital Man to All on Saturday, May 19, 2001 19:58:17
    I'm hopefully nearing the end of a pretty major system over-haul here at Vertrauen central. :-)

    Nodes 1-10 (vert.synchro.net) are temporarily being pointed to my (new) personal Win2K machine. Most (if not all) of the doors are working again. If you have any problems, please continue to let me know.

    Nodes 11-13 (cvs.synchro.net) continues to run uninterrupted on my Linux box, but there are no DOS doors supported on that version still.

    Nodes 14-15 (rob.synchro.net) will run on this Win2K box when my system re-configuration is complete.

    I'm currenting downgrading the normal host for Nodes 1-10 from WinMe to Win98 in hopes of fixing a nasty problem with VREDIR.VXD (and Microsoft isn't allowing downloads of the fixed version). If anyone has v4.90.3002 (or higher) of VREDIR.VXD, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    It may take another day or two, but I expect the system to return to better-than-before stability and performance. I've DOUBLED the number of systems dedicated to running the BBS 24/7, (one each: Win9x, Linux, and Win2K BBS systems and a dedicated Win2K server) so I sure hope it pays off.

    Sorry for the down time! :-(