• Reminder: Moving

    From Digital Man to All on Thursday, December 18, 2003 15:04:28
    My DSL service is scheduled to be turned off tomorrow (Friday, December 19th). I actually already have DSL service at the new house, but cannot move in until Escrow closes and we get the keys (most likely, sometime Monday).

    www/ftp.synchro.net will continue to function, but vert/bbs/rob/cvs.synchro.net will be down and there will not be dynamic DNS update service available until the systems are up and running at the new house (with new IP addresses).

    Deuce (nix.synchro.net) is our secondary name service provider, so any hostnames already in the synchro.net zone files will continue to resolve, they just can't be updated (changed to a new IP address) until Vertrauen is back online.

    So don't fret if DOVE-Net or dyndns service isn't working over the weekend. This is an unfortunate, but unavoidable outage while I move to a new house.

    digital man

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