• bbs.synchro.net down for now

    From Digital Man to All on Saturday, December 07, 2019 15:46:13
    I've been having problems with my Windows server (vert.synchro.net, which also hosts bbs.synchro.net via Win-7-32 VM) rebooting itself every few days, since a Windows update a few months ago.

    The "bugcheck code" (0x1CA) associated with these crashes/reboots implies they might be related to the VM manager, so I'm shutting that does (Hyper-V) for now to see if it's the cause or not. So if you're logging on to bbs.synchro.net to play 16-bit DOS doors, sorry, it/they are going to be offline for a while.

    vert.synchro.net and cvs.synchro.net will remain online

    digital man

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