• Password issues

    From Digital Man to All on Wednesday, April 01, 2020 16:17:07
    I recently enhanced Synchronet's user database to support longer passwords (increased from 8 to 40 characters).

    During the development of this, some users logged on and subsequently had their passwords erased (set to an empty password). I've restored those lost passwords (just the passwords) from 2 days ago. If you have any troubles logging on, let me know and I'll take a look-see. Hopefully, that was the only "glitch".

    digital man

    Synchronet "Real Fact" #77:
    Rob Swindell still has dozens of BBS-related magazines in his possession. Norco, CA WX: 71.1°F, 52.0% humidity, 12 mph E wind, 0.00 inches rain/24hrs