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    From Rick Smith@1:105/81 to All on Thursday, September 21, 2023 06:08:48
    Hello All!

    I have finally sorted out the calamity of errors I was having getting proboard to work with ArcaOS and got it ^functioning. I started to invest sometime in it and setup fidonet which I have to do by hand unless any of you know of#a way to import a BACKBONE.NA or the like into PB? Anyhow I entered about 25 message areas by hand into PB and most of the areas work with a couple of exceptions. It seems the first time a particular area gets mail the msgbase dir shows it correctly, the second time an area gets mail it changes the file name by shortening it, in most cases like below. ENGLISH_.SQI (INcorrect)
    ENGLISH_TUTOR.sqd (Correct)
    ENGLISH_TUTOR.sqi (Correct)
    FDN_ANNO.sqd (INcorrect)
    FDN_ANNO.SQI (INcorrect)
    #FDN_ANNOUNCE.sqd (correct) # #FDN_ANNOUNCE.sqi (correct) # #

    This is just a couple that it does it to. The areas this happens to displays no messages when You try to read that #areas. Clearly there are some messages there just not able to view.

    Thoughts what could cause this?



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