• Mystic BBS v1.07.3 RELEASED

    From james coyle@1:268/212 to All on Sunday, May 13, 2001 23:39:00
    Mystic BBS build 1.07.3 has been released.

    This release includes several minor features and almost all reported bugs
    have been fixed. Also in this build returns the OS/2 native version of
    Mystic. You will need to have 1.07.2 already installed in order to upgrade
    to 1.07.3. All upgrades and releases are available on the official web
    page: www.mysticbbs.com/mystic.

    Mystic BBS is a freeware BBS package with native versions for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Linux/FreeBSD (BSD with Linux libraries).

    * Origin: Under construction (1:268/212)