• Tmail TCPIP + BBS

    From Kevin Nunn@1:397/10 to All on Sunday, April 03, 2005 19:22:47

    Anyone still running T-Mail under OS/2? I currently run 1 dialup node,
    running T-mail, and 4 telnet nodes directly to the BBS (waiting to see
    if I can get my T-Mail key to run more nodes).

    Now to my problem, I tried the TCPIP version of T-Mail, to bypass
    Vmodem, let T-Mail TCPIP handle it all. I am running Telegard/2 as a
    BBS, and incoming telnet sessions get to the mailer fine, but when
    trying to pass to the bbs, it disconnects.

    I am passing the com handle, baud, time to next even, and task (node)
    to the bbs, and it is receiving it, but then it just drops. Here is a
    copy of what the telegard logs look like:

    03 Apr 15:58:59 TG/2 Starting Telegard/2 3.09.g2-sp4/mL·
    03 Apr 15:58:59 TG/2 Command line: -B19200 -H1320 -X482 -N2 -Q· +
    03 Apr 15:58:59 TG/2 Updated drive tables·
    03 Apr 15:58:59 TG/2 Exiting system (errorlevel=0)·

    I am starting to assume that the TCPIP version of Tmail just is not
    setup to handle passing to a BBS, which to me defeats it's purpose
    unless you are mail only. Being that you could not run vmodem and
    T-Mail TPCIP at the same time.

    Course if I don't get my T-Mail key then it doesn't really matter
    anyway since the non-commercial version only allows 2 nodes.

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